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About Ula

My name is Ula. I am a Gestalt psychotherapist. I live and work in Edinburgh. I completed my Gestalt therapy training at Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. I am fully insured. I am in a regular clinical supervision. I am registered member of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (certificate).

I worked as a volunteer counsellor at the Cross Reach Postnatal Depression Service in Edinburgh for 2.5 years. Since I graduated at the university (MSc Education) I worked mainly for the third sector organizations in Poland and in Scotland.


Working as a therapist is my passion and it is a privilege.

Passion because it constantly calls for my openness, curiosity and authenticity. It constantly challenges my personal boundaries and asks to dive deeper into knowing myself. If I am opening myself to my personal growth I am able to support my clients in their journeys. There is something unpredictable about being the therapist. It emerges from the uniqueness of relationships with people. There are never two identical ones. They are unique, unrepeatable and every encounter is like a new one. It brings me a deep sense of aliveness.

Being a therapist is a privilege because it is giving me a unique opportunity to see what the human heart is about, to feel its longings, fears, tears, struggles, to see the scars. It allows to develop compassionate attitude to myself, to people and Life in general. I am having a deep respect for our hearts stories and it is a privilege to be their witness.

Few years ago I got interested in shamanism and ancestral methods of healing. I find earth based ceremonies as a source of healing, inner balance and authentic connection. I regularly participate in shamanic healing workshops, ceremonies, circles and meditations. I am passionate about finding out the way we can connect indigenous healing methods with the modern therapy.

My particular interest is in meditations, energy work, body work and movement, shamanism, trauma, perinatal issues, personal empowerment.

Registered membership

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