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  • Holistic, because it highlights a whole experience of our existence and seeks for an integration the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. 

  • Relational, because the core of the therapy is relationship between therapist and client. That relationship based on trust, acceptance and respect offers safety and allows for deeper exploration of client’s struggles, fears, insecurity.

  • Based on the "here and now", because connecting with the feelings and the needs in the present moment may show the bigger picture of the current struggles. May also lead us to exploration of past events or future plans.

  • Expanding personal awareness, because awareness of who I am and what my life story says is the very first step to breaking the limiting self-beliefs and experience the change in life. It brings choicefulness and personal freedom to life.

Gestalt uses variety of methods when approaching to the therapeutic work. Dialogue is the first and most obvious one. But it can also reach for psychodrama, dance and movement, short meditations, breathing, drawing and painting, working with the dreams. It all depends on the dynamic between therapist and client.

I believe we have everything we need inside of us to live happily and fully – wisdom, strength, clarity, efficiency, creativity, openness. Sometimes access is just denied. Therapy is a journey to gain access to our resources, to find own answers and solutions. We journey together to embrace the unknown and bring alternative, new options into the “here and now”.

I am curious who you are and what might happen when we meet.


Psychotherapy Gestalt is: 

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